Call For Submissions

We welcome submissions from published and unpublished writers, poets, and artists. Send us your prose, your microfictions, personal essays, memoir extracts, poetry, art and photography. If you’re the bastard offspring of Comte de LautrĂ©amont and William S. Burroughs, the mad cousin of Emily Dickinson and Anne Sexton, the eye of Diane Arbus, the ear of Jorge Luis Borges, the breath of Samuel Beckett, if you’ve ridden horses with Patti Smith, have waded thru sentences with Virginia Woolf or William Gass, or spent time on the balcony with Jean Genet then it’s a good chance your work will find a home here.
“Freedom of speech means taking responsibility for what you say, whatever that may be, and while we are opposed to ‘political correctness’ as an impediment to freedom of speech we are not interested in bigoted rants, racism, sexism, or any other discriminatory utterance.” – The Editors
  • Prose: fiction, essays, criticism, narrative nonfiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, etc, etc, no more than 2000 words. For microfiction / flash fiction no more than 750 words.
  • Poetry: 3 – 5 poems any length and any theme in your desired format, whether it’s lyric poetry or Apollinairesque concretism.
  • Art: Cartoons, canvases, sketches, etc. Black & White only.
  • Photography: Photo essays, one off shots, montage, portraits, etc. Black & White only.
  • Reviews: Critical response / reactions to a book, an individual poem, a film, a scene in a novel, an old DVD or anything else you can think of. No more than 2000 words.
  • Experiments: if we like it we’ll publish it.
Send all submissions to in the body of the email as no attachments will be opened unless specifically requested. E-mails with attachments will be deleted without being read.
Use the word SUBMISSION in the subject line followed by the genre and the title, e.g. SUBMISSION: FICTION / MY TITLE.
Please include a short biographical note at the bottom of the email with contact details.